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As a sole proprietor PT, AAAMB not only made it easy to join their community but did so during the heart of the pandemic. The transition from being an employed PT, working in the industry, to a thriving self-employed Physical Therapist was made possible by AAAMB. Their billing service reassures me that my hard work, poured directly into the heart of the community, is reimbursed in a timely manner. Their effort enables me to reimagine healthcare. Their overhead is significantly less than hiring a billing staff, and yet, despite being miles away, AAAMB staff is extremely personable and ready to field any challenges that arise. It is as if I have a tailored staff in house at a fraction of the cost. I cannot thank AAAMB enough. We all know the plight of healthcare in the country, and for me, AAAMB has modeled a pathway for providers, such as myself, that yearn to center healing and heart at the helm of the practice to thrive. How often we hear the woes of overhead and administration expenses encroaching upon medical models, but with AAAMB this is not the case. Working with AAAMB has been one of the best business decisions that I have made. Thank you AAAMB for making the vision of a healing center in a small town in Massachusetts a reality. Not only do I, the provider, benefit, but so do the people I serve.

I’m an acupuncturist and have been a client of AAAMB for close to 20 years. In the first few years of my practice, I gave my insurance patients a superbill and had them submit it themselves as I had no desire to wrangle with insurance companies or to spend my time on the phone waiting to verify benefits, etc. A friend and fellow acupuncturist told me about AAAMB and I decided to try it. I’m glad I did as over the years, I’ve had access to more patients and AAAMB has always done a good job at getting me reimbursed well. It’s definitely been a net positive without the hassle of doing my own billing. I can spend my time and energy focusing on treating patients and managing other aspects of my business.

I have been consistently impressed by the exceptional service provided AAAMB over the years. Their proficiency in navigating the complexities of medical billing and coding is unparalleled. Not only have they streamlined my revenue cycle management, but their dedication to accuracy and efficiency has significantly improved my bottom line. With their proactive approach and  commitment to client satisfaction, AAAMB has proven to be an invaluable partner in my healthcare practice. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to any medical professional seeking reliable, expert assistance in billing and revenue optimization.

I have been with AAAMB for more than 10 years. I was completely new to insurance billing at the time and needed a lot of help getting started. The staff at AAAMB was always so patient and helpful to me.  I have learned so much since I started and my practice has grown and modernized with AAAMB. The online app makes filing claims so easy – you can customize your account so you have the codes you need at your fingertips. Checking benefits is as streamlined as can be considering the Byzantine non-system of US insurance companies. If I have a question, the staff is super responsive. AAAMB saves me time and spares me the frustration of health insurance billing. I would encourage any licensed  acupuncturist who is considering health insurance billing to enroll with AAAMB.    

Working with AAAMB has been amazing! All the claims and processing gets done accurately and on time. Any time something, our billing agent always gets it to us that day or same hour. We love working with them since they have taken care of all our billing needs and makes it easier for us to focus on our patients and know everything is always processed on time and correct. Our billing agent always goes above and beyond to help as much as she can and answers all and any questions. We couldn’t recommend more on having AAAMB handle all your business and billing needs. Professional, knowledgeable and experienced all in all.

I’ve been with AAAMB since the first day of my practice. Fast forward to almost 10 years later, and I’m still with them. Claims are always submitted swiftly, and if any follow-ups are needed, the support is consistently amazing. I can honestly say that practically 100% of my claims have been paid. In recent years, AAAMB has also assigned a personal case manager to your account, making any necessary communications even easier. However, for the majority of the years, it has really just been about submitting the claims and getting paid within a month. The experience has been fantastic, and I would not hesitate to recommend their service to any of my colleagues.

Our solo practitioner office has been affiliated with AAAMB for over 10 years and without this relationship, I am convinced that we would have never remained independent and growing.  They are an excellent resource, working seamlessly with my office manager to navigate the ever-changing landscape of regulations and coding and logistics that characterize our healthcare system, without drama and with patience and empathy.  We feel so fortunate to have their expertise and guidance and look forward to years of an ongoing relationship.

My business has benefited from the services of AAAMB for many, many years. I’ve learned so much from them. They’re always very responsive. They go the extra mile to make sure that I get paid for the work that I do. They always explain things to me and help me understand the ins and outs of navigating insurance. I trust them wholeheartedly and I recommend them to my colleagues regularly because, after all these years, they have never steered me wrong.

I would like to let you know what a great job AAAMB does. My Account Manager is always very helpful and is quick to respond to a need. Claims are always sent in a timely manner and everyone on the entire staff that I have dealt with has always been super helpful. They are all professional and very knowledgeable.

I have been working with AAAMB for over 10 years now. What I appreciate about their service is the willingness to help collect from difficult insurance companies. While working directly with the reps we have been able to recoup payments. They are tenacious, communicate directly and always professional. I appreciate their team work and as long as I bill insurance I will utilize their services. Thank you AAAMB

I have been working AAAMB account managers for the past 8 years, very happy with the services they provided. They know what they are doing, saving time and energy for me to deal with the insurance. I highly recommend it!

​​I am writing to let you know that I am thankful that AAAMB works on my account.  They are always attentive to concerns I have regarding insurance reimbursement and following-up on questions I have regarding individual accounts.

I have used AAAMB for over 13 years for my private PT practice billing.  During that time, there have been changes that impacted my collections, such as my shift to a PLLC, moving and also decreasing insurers that I would accept.  AAAMB has been especially helpful and skillful in making sure I have always been able to collect everything possible from the insurance companies, for my work.  I am very grateful for that.  I know I couldn’t have stayed in business without them!

AAAMB has been a pleasure to work with.  They are prompt with checking benefits for a patient and their management of claims processing is very efficient.  When there is occasionally a hiccup with a claim, they are good about following up with the insurance company and communicating with me about what is happening.  The services they provide are valuable and take a lot of stress off of me in terms of running the business end of my solo practice.

Our experience working with AAAMB has been nothing short of fantastic. The communication is excellent and response time is always prompt and our entire medical billing experience has been seamless and completely reliable. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for medical billing.

I have been working with AAAMB since 2011 when I started my acupuncture clinic.  I can’t keep running my clinic without AAAMB – they do all the communication with insurance companies which is time-consuming and frustrating.  With the great help from AAAMB, I can concentrate on treating patients.  Thank you AAAMB!

I have been working with AAAMB and am extremely happy with their service. I find them to be very thorough and quick to respond to requests. They are extremely professional. I would not hesitate to recommend their services.

We are extremely pleased with AAAMB’s billing department’s performance. Their ability to process our batches daily ensures timely and efficient billing operations. The team consistently responds to our inquiries quickly, providing the information we need without delay. This responsiveness and reliability greatly contribute to our overall satisfaction and confidence in their services.

I have accepted insurance for as long as I practiced. AAAMB greatly reduced the amount of work I have to do. I have used other companies before but AAAMB is by far the best! They respond very quickly and their answers are always accurate! I highly recommend them for your insurance needs.

I have been working with AAA billing for several years and have felt very supported by them in a world of ever changing insurance standards.  They are very helpful in teaching me about billing and making my practice run smoothly.  I appreciate all their efforts and expertise.

I’ve had the pleasure of entrusting AAAMB with the management of my chiropractic account for the past few years. Their team exemplifies excellence in every aspect of their work. They are consistently prompt in responding to emails and addressing any questions.. Their tenacity in ensuring claims are processed accurately and paid promptly is truly commendable. In short, I highly recommend AAAMB to anyone seeking top-notch service. It’s evident that their staff is seasoned with significant experience in claims, billing, and coding, making them a trusted partner in managing my chiropractic account.

I have had the pleasure of working with AAAMB for the past 13 years, and I can confidently say that their team has been an invaluable resource for me regarding any billing inquiries or issues. They are incredibly dependable, reliable, and always ready to assist with any questions or concerns I have about billing processes. Their prompt and thorough responses have consistently addressed my needs, making it a seamless experience for my office staff and me.I hold AAAMB in high regard and believe they are fortunate to have such dedicated team members

Our office has had the pleasure of working with AAAMB for several years now. They consistently demonstrate attentiveness and responsiveness to any questions or concerns that arise. I feel a sense of satisfaction and increased confidence in our operations knowing that AAAMB is handling our account. The team’s dedication and competence in managing our account are truly admirable

I highly recommend AAA Medical Billing Services. All of the staff members are extremely professional, have excellent communication skills, and provide great service. I wouldn’t choose any other Medical Billing Service.

After facing issues with our previous medical billing service, partnering with AAAMB has been a blessing. AAAMB ensured a seamless transition without any disruptions. Despite being a very small medical practice, they consistently offer personalized, top-notch service. They have exceeded our expectations, helping us recover collections missed by our previous service and assisting us through an extensive audit. We highly recommend AAAMB to any medical practice seeking exceptional billing services.

Our Chiropractic office has been a client of AAAMB for over 20 years and counting. We couldn’t be more pleased with the experience and support we’ve received throughout these two decades. Our collection rate has consistently been excellent and timely. Our staff works closely with our individual support liaisons, building strong relationships along the way. The response and support from all AAAMB team members—whether dealing with insurance reimbursement changes, personal injury or workers’ compensation claims, aging accounts, or specific reports we request—are always prompt, personable, and thorough. We sincerely appreciate the partnership we’ve built and developed with AAAMB.

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