The Comprehensive Platform for Effective Credential Management

Forget endless paperwork, slow processes, and frustrating lack of control. Credential Today offers you a comprehensive and easy-to-use solution to optimize and streamline your credentialing and re-credentialing workflow.


Our online platform allows you to:

  • Create, view and edit key information on users, providers, projects, and settings.
  • Access important information and navigate the system seamlessly.
  • Customize and display key data and reports based on preferences.
  • View key metrics and data.

Manage your projects

  • Create, view, and manage all ongoing projects
  • View project tasks for specific groups or individuals
  • Track project progress
  • Provides a central platform for collaboration and communication among team members

Types of services

Enrollment Services

New groups and/or providers looking to establish new contracts with payers

Credentialing Services

Add, change, or update your practice information for already established contracts.


Benefits of using Credential Today

  • Saves time and money by reducing administrative costs and frees up valuable time to focus on other important tasks.
  • Improve quality of care by minimizing risks associated with credentialing errors.
  • Strengthens your organization’s reputation by demonstrating your commitment to security and quality.
  • Helps you stay current by accessing the latest credentialing management news and regulations.

Credential Today is the ideal solution for

  • Hospitals and Facilites
  • Healthcare Providers
  • DME Suppliers
  • Multi-Speciality Groups
  • TeleMedicine Providers
  • Student Health Centers
  • University’s 

Beyond the basic features

Credentials Today goes beyond the standard credential management functionalities. Our platform offers a number of innovative features that allow you to:

Categorize projects

Effortlessly categorize and organize credentialing projects to quickly identify areas that require attention.

Prioritize updates

Automate the prioritization of credential updates based on importance and urgency, ensuring critical areas are addressed in a timely manner.

Collaborate in real time

Facilitate collaboration among your team with a real-time working environment where you can share credential information and documents with ease.

Integrate with your existing tools

Save time and effort by integrating Credential Today with the development tools you already use, creating a seamless workflow.

Significant improvement in medical billing

Credentials Today not only streamlines credential management, but also has a positive impact on medical billing. The platform allows you to

  • Reduces time and delays and expedite the billing process.
  • Minimize billing errors that can lead to costly denials.
  • Improve cash flow and maximize profit.
  • Focus on patient care by minimizing administration work.
  • Free up valuable resources that you can invest in other areas.
  • Strengthen compliance and helps you comply with medical credentialing regulations and standards

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