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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

AAA Medical Billing Services provides a professional medical billing, collection and administrative services for medical practitioners. Our courteous staff have the professional tools and experience necessary to help with all your needs!

Our Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly Do Medical Billers Do – Best Medical Billing FAQ?

Get your medical billing FAQs answer here. A medical biller converts healthcare facilities into medical claims and afterward sends them to insurance companies and payers like Medicare and Medicaid. Medical billers must then follow up on the claims to ensure providers obtain payment appropriately. Billing and coding are professions linked to these activities. Medical coding includes knowledge of the method used to assign numerical codes to visits to physicians, hospital stays, and other procedures in health care. Find here various medical billing FAQs to know more about all details.

The basic tasks and the amount of time spent on each service would vary depending on the company. Know all various details about medical billing FAQs here. Generally, the services we provide at EMPClaims include:

  • Establishing patient payment arrangements and billing accounts for the job
  • Obtaining references and pre-authorizations as the procedures allow
  • Confirming eligibility and compensation for medications, hospitalizations, and procedures
  • Checking plans for patient follow up policies
  • Updating cash spreadsheets and running collection reports
  • Checking and knowing all about medical billing for consistency and completeness whileproviding any details that are lacking
  • Preparation, analysis, and forwarding of claims using billing tools, including the processing of electronic and paper claims
  • Following up on outstanding claims within the normal period of the billing process
  • Checking for consistency and compliance with contract discount on all insurance payments
  • If required, calling insurance firms in case of any difference in payments
  • Inquiry and appeal into all claims denials
  • Answering all patient or telephone insurance questions relating to specific accounts

In addition to the above, we also allow employers to request certain services they might need that suit our skills and background experience or provide training for their staff. Know more about various medical billing FAQs answered from EMPClaims.

How Does Data Move from My Practice to Empclaims Billing?

There are different ways for you to transfer your data from your practice to our billing system. Customers can forward their documents to us through a secure VPN (virtual private network) link, remote desktop, etc. We have the versatility to work with you to create a charging capture system that matches your needs.

One of the most efficient ways is through a high-speed duplex scanner which we can assist your organization in obtaining and installing. This scanner can help to efficiently scan all of your documents. After the data reaches our server, we get to processing it. We begin the claim filing and processing ASAP to get your funds released on time. Read more here on various details regards to medical billing faqs.

How Quickly Do You File Claims?

We file your claims as soon as it has been reviewed by our auditors and does not contain any errors. Our team sends claims electronically as it’s the fastest and most efficient way to get results. We assure a 24 hours turnaround time from when we receive the data. Our billers can still use manual claims submission, but there are major limitations to this method.

Manual claims have a high error rate, poor productivity, and a long wait-time to get payment from providers. Billing electronically saves time, energy, and resources, while minimizing human or administrative errors in the billing process.

Where Do the Payments Go?

All your payments and funds remain in your control. Customers must provide timely written notification of all collections they receive, including, but not limited to, patient cash payments, patient checks, payer checks, and EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) deposits to EMPClaims. Our advice is to create as many payers as possible with the EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) payments.

The EFT payments will go directly into the client’s bank account, and our billing program will receive the corresponding ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice) through the clearinghouse. Checks will come in the mail to the client for deposits from payers who don’t use EFT payments.

If there is no corresponding ERA, the checks and the correct EOBs will need to be reviewed and given to EMPClaims. We want to make as many claims electronically as possible, and we set up as many payers as possible to collect the payments through EFT.

Who Bills Patients?

Once a patient checks out, the medical report from that patient’s visit is sent to the medical coderwho abstracts and converts the details contained in the report into correct, accessible health code. This report, which also includes patient demographic information and medical history information, is called the “superbill.”

The superbill contains all the information necessary for providing medical service. It includes the supplier’s name, the physician’s name, the patient’s name, the procedures performed, the diagnosis and treatment codes, and other related medical records. This knowledge is crucial to the making of the argument.Once complete, the superbill is then transferred to our medical biller, typically via our software.

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